There is no questioning the broad effect of technology in all facets of human life. The impact is big, spanning across places and age groups. From old men who can’t seem to take their eyes off their Facebook group pages to the middle-aged who need Asana, cloud computing to balance up and then to the youths with their daily routines of Instagram, Whatsapp, Snapchat and Twitter, it would seem that technology has permeated the better part of humanity.

And just when we think that, perhaps, our kids innocent and unknowing are excluded from the widespread influence of technology, Facebook Inc., one of the movers and shakers of the technological sphere, seems to think otherwise. On Monday, Facebook Inc. announced that it has a special present which is intended mainly for young kids aged between 6-12; the youngest of the youngest. And this Christmas package is the new messaging app called Messenger Kids.

While experts are questioning the rightness and goodness of this app which almost looks like a snare for the kids, Facebook justifies this disarming app by saying its creation emanated from the rising security issues confronting kids and parents’ overarching worry for their wards.

Messenger Kids, though granting access to social media activities, is not without the needed limitations. For one, children can only send messages, videos and images to the people authorised by their parents. Also, it is the parent, not the child, who has the right to download this app unto their child’s mobile device. So, in a way, the app has a chip of censorship running through it. No doubt, just like the experts have confirmed, this app will open a new, unprecedented door for kids who erstwhile had been assumed to be unsuspecting to the wiles and wonders of these social media platforms. The question now is whether this door is a good door or a bad one.


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