It is no longer news that technical giants like Facebook, Microsoft and Google are channelling their interests into predicting and mastering the future of computing by way of artificial intelligence.

To further reinforce their efforts, Google has announced they will be opening an Artificial Intelligence Research Centre in Beijing, China. The choice of location might be in consideration of the concerted attention the Chinese tech giants like Alibaba, Baidu and Tencent are giving to the AI course. By way of this, Google intends to tap into the potent talents and resources China has to offer.

But then, Google’s decision to reach out to China with regards to this immense project can be regarded as quite a bold step as it does mean they have chosen not to put into the picture the ban China has placed on the search engine. Google, as it is, has no right as a search giant to stream into the country’s internet.

But then, the AI research promises to bring to fruition the long expected reality of self-driving cars, facial recognition software, factories with automated labour, new translation possibilities and so much more. And China has an expansive talent base to ensure these possibilities. Not only that, China’s research capability is equivalent to the US’s, and a partnership between them will possibly yield the needed results.

In support of this fact, one Li Feifei, a researcher heading the new centre, said in a blog post that most of the written contents on AI, over the years, were construed by Chineses. Also, he asserted that the Chinese engineers have led and pillared the last three ImageNet challenges, a competition that borders around Artificial Intelligence and tests the prowess of different computing technologies in recognising and categorising pictures. According to Li Feifei, he has amassed quite a handful of great engineers, and together, they “will be working together to build a team in the months ahead.”

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